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Welcome to Roost!

Thank you for visiting our new website…sending a BIG Welcome! Roost is finally launched and ready to serve clients in the Northern VA/ Greater Washington D.C. area. With new housing developments popping up each day, it's hard to give your space a personalized feel. My friend was visiting from PA and noticed how every house "seems to look the same." I totally felt the same way when I first moved to the area 4 years ago. The houses are nice, don't get me wrong, but they lack curb appeal and personality. Because of HOA rules, some of the outside may never be altered, but that doesn't mean the inside can't have a little style.

Our sister business, B.Mingled Weddings and Events, has been serving clients in the D.C. area to help create their dream wedding and fabulous events. With so many people, it's hard to find an original vision and/or make that dream a reality. We have worked and designed with many different clients from all kinds of backgrounds to bring them a beyond-memorable day. We found ourselves crossing over to the home by giving similar advice on styling and functionality when we welcomed clients and co-workers into our private spaces. Requests for help kept coming in & the idea of launching another business just wouldn't go away. Before long, Roost was born and the rest is history.

We hope you enjoy articles and posts from our blog. We are here to serve & entertain those that live in the "every day American home" and hope to hear questions about renovating or home styling tips from readers like you!


Roost Design Co. & Senta

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