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2018 Pop-Up Decor is Here!

I'm bad at blogging...I know. As a busy mom, wife, and business owner (x2) I have plenty of excuses (did I mention I also have a job in healthcare)?! My friend who runs his own company as a graphic designer has already given me a friendly lecture of the importance of being current and online. So, without further hesitation, here I am ready to get things going for 2018. It's time to get rid of those stale, outdated items sitting around the house and bring in the revitalizing new!

I'm kicking things off with pretty, spring-filled inspirations for the home. The warm air and fresh fragrance of flowers is just around the corner. While I'm prepping for a pop-up shop somewhere in the Northern VA area in the upcoming months, I want to get things started by offering locals some of the tabletop decor and stylish little pieces Roost Design Co. has to offer.

Say goodbye to the 80s, 90s, and the early 2000s lighting still hanging around…we gladly welcome neutral colors and warm tones into dark spaces. Replacing overhead lighting and/or adding pendants are a sure way to become luminous in dull rooms.

Textured pillows with grays, creams, & beiges match everything. Navy is popping up in different places throughout the home & brings a cool surprise of color. Add a circular pillow on couches and chairs for interest.

Ceramics, gold metals, woven rattans, & clear vases welcome guests as votives and vases. Behold the comeback of Hobnail glassware, brilliant gold candle holders for tabletop display, textured ceramics in petite sizes for fresh flowers, and classy glass jugs to stage greens. Place ceramic pillar candles on steps leading to entryway doors or select varied 2-toned lanterns instead.

Interested in having these items in your home? Follow Roost Design Co. on and for prices and MORE...

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