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Hello Fabulous Florals

From warmer air and the return of singing birds, to blossoming daffodils and rising hyacinth, the signs are clear…spring is here! Bring the warmth and freshness of the season indoors with decorative floral fabrics, wall papers, and prints. Watercolor beauties and sprigs of greens are incorporated into generous forms of textiles. Read on for key ideas on how to play with these trends and pops of color.

Pretty coral stems with accents of deep blues and greens make this linen fabric burst with dreams of urban flower gardens. I love all of the texture this fabric has to offer. Wearable as an outfit, or sitting pretty as pillows on your couch, this material screams happiness. Sew into simple pocket-rod curtains to brightened up windows.

If black is your color, try adding a few splashes of Creamsicle orange and Sherbet pink. Place 8"x10" cuts into matte black or pure white frames to hang as decor on the wall for an eye-catching look that adds interest into unexpected places.

Vivid green is always in style. This sophisticated fabric will be a satisfying compliment to many areas of your home. Used as pillows, chair cushions, or a table runner, the black and white patterns come to life in a charming way.

In love with neutral tones? Give appreciation to subdued hues in your home. Let succulents grace the walls by planting in clear teardrop vases. Add a simple iron plant hanger (as seen in our Instagram…one of my favorite things to implement) and place in a spot with medium sunlight. Utilize "grocery store greens" aka stems of seeded Eucalyptus fixed in oversized glass jugs placed on coffee tables and welcoming foyers as another classy way to incorporate nature.

Want even more? Be bold and roll out this fun wallpaper from Shopcabin as a visual centerpiece. Find it at

Like what you've seen in this blog and want more? Send us an email for information on where to purchase the materials and/or similar products. Follow us on Instagram to see additional products, interior design ideas, favorite inspirations, staging help, and more!

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