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Exciting Launch!

Are we "slackers"? The term actually makes me cringe! Being a slacker is one thing I have never been called. Myself and the B.Mingled team are quite the opposite. Between being mothers, wives, event planners, designers, business ladies, and working other "day-time" jobs, Ashly and I haven't had a moment of rest in a VERY, LONG TIME. Being busy is a blessing though, and we would not want it any other way. This year we booked 35 events and are filling up the calendar already for 2020. No wonder we haven't posted in a while! The exciting news…we are combining B.Mingled Weddings AND Roost Design Company in one, beautiful, & creative blog. A place for you to view pretty wedding ideas, catch up on the latest styles for your living spaces, and celebrate the good things of living.

Be prepared to feast your eyes on creative and festive events, as well as the tour through a home renovation (my husband and I are in the midst of a super cool mid-century modern update). We will post pictures of behind the scenes on what really goes on when you are prepping and decorating a wedding. You will find tabletop decor ideas that can be used for a party OR pieces to incorporate in your own home. We will also share past couples and their celebrations of marriage.

We hope you enjoy the new blog as much as we do…lets jump into this season of fall and see what lies ahead!


**center photocredit: Rebekah Murray Photography

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